September Trip ans Picnic Activity

Within the scope of our "Trip" activities, we, together with our 33 students staying at Saray Children's Housing Estate and attending our project workshops, have visited first the "Satı Kadın" museum in our Kahramankazan district on Friday, September 8, 2017. The house, which was rebuilt in accordance with the original and transformed into a museum by Kahramankazan Municipality, of Satı Kadın (Satı ÇIRPAN, 1880-1956), who, while being the mukhtar of the village of Kazan, took her place among our first female members of the 5th Period of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, was the first stop of our trip.

Acquiring information, even if it is little, about the life story, memories, and experiences in the course spanning from being a farmer to being a member of parliament, of Satı Kadın, who was one of the first female mukhtars and first female members of the parliament of the Republic of Turkey, made an impression, which is both a cause for pride and encouraging, on our young girls as well as on us.

Our second stop was the social facilities / picnic area of ​​TAI  - Turkish Aerospace Industries, for which we had previously obtained the permission by contacting with its relevant department to use the social facilities and picnic area. Our students ate their meals here and had fun as much as they wished for on the green area.

Totally 45 people attended our activity, namely our 33 students, 5 house mothers, 3 trainers and 4 persons from the project team.