I Cannot Tell, You Should See

Mehmet Yılmaz, opera singer, after sitting in the chair of the President General of the Foundation in result of the General Assembly held in May 2016, stated that they thought the Foundation, which has 35 years of an established history, now need to assume new responsibilities that are in compliance with the era, and stated that in the scope of this need they submitted the project to the European Union; he gave the information to Adante that, within the scope of the project, training was provided to 60 disadvantaged girls at 7 branches, namely painting, sculpture, ceramics, photograph, dance, theatre and music, since February 8th .

Yılmaz, mentioning that the initial planning was made for 60 girls aged between 13 and 18, but in time the number of girls, who caught the chance of entering the project and touching the art, increased to more than 200 and that the actual purpose of the project was to open new windows into the lives of the disadvantaged girls and to enhance their perspectives, especially underlined that if the art meets with the girls and the women, permanent peace could be attained in the world.

Yılmaz, touching upon the fact that the continuation of the project was demanded by the project controller and the European Union director taking into consideration the current implementation manner of and the outcomes obtained from the project, but it is not clear how the bureaucratic procedures will work in this regard, said “We are very pleased with the work we have done and with its outcomes. The most competent persons in their respective fields are providing these courses. We are providing this art training through very talented people, both in their respective fields and also as educator, with the names such as from Hasan Pekmezci to Murat Atak and Ayşe Atak. We observe with happiness also the development of the self-confidence in our children since the beginning of the trainings. I wish the art training was being provided to all of our children, boy and girl, at all compassion houses.