“LIVES ARE CHANGING, TURKEY IS DEVELOPING” In the II.Project Fair, we took our place as the project "I CAN NOT TELL YOU SHOULD SEE".

In Project Fair II "LIVES ARE CHANGING, TURKEY IS DEVELOPING", we participated with the Project "I Cannot Describe You Need to See".


As the Project "I Cannot Tell You Should See", we were present at the Project Fair "Lives Are Changing, Turkey Is Developing", which was its second organization taking place on 27 July 2017 at Congresium Ankara.

At the fair, which many visitors shown great interest in, Undersecretary Mr. François BEGEOT, EU Turkey Delegation, Head of Economic and Social Development Department, Mr. Burak Çağatay DOĞAN, Deputy Head of EU and Financial Assistance Department, Mr. Mehmet Caner DEMİR, EU Turkey Delegation, Sector Manager, and Ms. Burcu ÖZÜDOĞRU, Monitoring Expert of our Project, visited our stand. We are delighted that we once again had the opportunity to tell them and all other participants about our Project and to demonstrate the products of our workshops.